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Find other cyclists to travel the world with!

You travel with your bicycle and you wish you knew if there are other cyclists around you? We Are Touring is the app for you!

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Easy to use!

Share your position

Plan and share your route

Find other cyclists

Have fun travelling together!

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A lot of cyclists are traveling thinking nobody is around...

...when they finally find out they were following each other for 2 months!

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Simple and fun to find other cylists traveling!

Personalize your profil

Once you are logged, edit your profil so you can tell other cyclists who you are and what your plans are! Edit your photo, name, title, description... You are free!

Share your position whenever you want

Using a simple button, share whenever you want your position so other cyclists know where you are. It is totally manual, you decide when you want to update your location, this is not tracking :)

Access a map/list of cyclists touring and their position

Once you created an account, access the list of cyclists thanks to a map or a simple text list. Zoom in and find cyclists traveling near you!

Chat with cyclists around you and meet up!

Use our chat to say hello to cyclists near by have a chat about goals, life style and arrange a meeting point to discover the world together!

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A service made for cyclists, by a cyclist!

You might think who the hell is behind all this! And you are right to think which company is asking for your email and your location. The answer is, there is no company! There is just one man behind the scene. My name is Bertrand, I'm a young french designer/developper. As you guess, I have been traveling using a bike! The idea of creating a website to find other cyclists traveling the world came to me when I was on the saddle hoping I could find such a service online.

Wondering what's going on with this giraffe? Know more about her story using the link below!

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We Are Touring is a great way to gain visibility! Use the contact form to request a link exchange and more!

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They explored the world together thanks to We Are Touring!

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Yeah I know, I created the website, so of course, I'm gonna tell you it's an amazing service, because it is, for real!


I've been using the service since a friend of mine told me he found the best crazy cyclists to travel with! I'm now thinking of using it when I feel a bit lonely on the road :)


I've been using Facebook a lot in order to find people to cycle with, it works sometimes but We Are Touring is way better, especially with the location system. I thought we were very very few on two wheels but we are not!


We went on our first tandem tour, not really knowing if we will find other cyclists to travel with, at least a bit! We were surprised how easy it was thanks to this website. So many good memories! Thank You!

Aude & Baptiste