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Find other cyclists to travel the world with! is a free web service which allows you to find other touring cyclists.

Create your account, log in and look for buddies using a map or a simple list. Filter by countries, chat with crazy cyclists around you so you can arrange a meeting point and maybe hit the road together!

In order to tell people where you are, uses new technologies integrated into your browser so you can share your position by pressing a simple button!

This is not live tracking! You decide when you want to share where you are. Once a day, a week…

You can edit your profil in order to add a title, description, age, photo…so others know a bit more about your plans, where you are heading to, your cycling habbits, funny cycling stories 🙂 

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" a lot of cyclists are traveling thinking nobody is around… "

There are many different types of people traveling the world by bicycle. For some of us, sometimes we get a bit lonely and we wish we could tag along with some cool guys. For a few days, a week, a month…

The problem is, you have no idea where the other cyclists are! There a few Facebook pages and groups trying to gather people but it is more about sharing content and articles rather then finding buddies.

Furthermore, a lot of cyclists are traveling thinking nobody is arround when they finally meet someone in town or on the road and find out they were following each other for 2 months not even knowing how close they were the entire time!

A service created for cyclists, by a cyclist!

You might think who the hell is behind all this! And you are right to think which company is asking for your email and your location. The answer is, there is no company! There is just one man behind the scene. My name is Bertrand, I’m a young french designer/developper and as you guess, I have been traveling using a bike too!

The idea of creating a website to find other cyclists traveling the world came to me when I was on the saddle hoping I could find such service online. It is that simple


The anecdote behind the mascot

If you already went on the website, you probably noticed the little giraffe almost everywhere!

Let me tell you her funny story!

I had the chance to cycle with a lot of other cyclists (about 19, from one week to 3 months).
I cycled with one of them for over 3 months, Vincent Berbee from Holland who has been an inspiration.

When he was having a day off cycling in Bratislava (Slovakia) he had a party (with a bit too much beer he said!) where he bought a wooden giraffe, just for fun. He named her Slava in reference to the city and he installed her on the back of his bike!

Since then, he has been bringing smiles to everyone, no matter their age or nationalities. Everyone was astonished to see guys cycling so far on bikes but even more, carrying something that could be at first considered as useless, but it was not!
This giraffe has been at the centre of so many funny situations, we met so many amazing people who were curious about it. Most people wrote something on it or put jewelry to wish us good luck.

" Slava (the giraffe) is looking after every cyclist! "


Support and donate

If you are reading this, you are probably on a bike tour, meaning you try to keep a low budget as we all do 🙂

The service is meant to be free for all and will be free for ever but in order to maintain it online and offer new features, a donation system is available so you can help by giving the amount you want (1$, 10$, …) or a simple link on your blog will be awesome too!

We Are Touring is not a company ! Behind the scene, there is just Bertrand, one french guy who developed WAT on his own 🙂

Why donate:

  • pay the hosting server
  • pay the domain name
  • develop new features
  • write new blog articles and help the community
  • a lot more!!
Support and donate

Sponsoring and advertisement

Furthermore, if you are a company, there are plenty of options to display ads so you gain visibility (home page, blog section…).
You can display products like tents and other gear.

Everything is possible. Blog articles are a very good way to show a product, make a review of it, compare with competitors and add a link to your shop. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me so we can chat and see what we can do!

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Need more information?

If you need more information, illustrations, pictures, do not hesitate! I will be glad to answer.

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Bertrand 🙂