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This section is about developing news features about the service but also bug reports and anything which could make the service a better service ๐Ÿ™‚

Please, comment, discuss, share ideas about how to make it better!


February 2020

Happy day!

I just added a new feature, you can now download all your locations in a gpx file! -> Go to “Edit profil” page and click “> Download all your locations! (gpx file)” I will probably add a similar feature in order to upload your own gpx file to add a route in your route planner.

December 2019

A checkbox is now available on the edit profil page so you can tell we are touring if you want to receive an email per day as a reminder so you never forget to update your location!

October 2019

The dashboard is now much more simple! I wanted you to focus on the map which is the main way to find other cyclists! No super long cyclists list anymore. You will find a minimalist info panel to sort cyclists on the map. A super short list of last cyclists who updated their locations and another feature…

That new feature is a quick location update link. It allows you to access to your location button without going to the full dashboard. You must be logged of course. If you are using an Android mobile, go to your browser menu and select “Add to home screen”. If you are using an iPhone, tap bookmark and then select “Add to home screen”. On desktop, simply use your bookmarks system ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers to Stefan Miertschink who sent me the idea few month ago!

August 2019

Locations are now displayed on user’s profile has a timeline in addition to the map.
You can delete specific locations in “edit your profile”.

June 2019

You can now sort travelers by combining the distance filter (“around you”) and the activity filter (touring, having a breakโ€ฆ) so you get a better and clearer view on both map and list ๐Ÿ™‚

April 2019

You can now keep the track of your journey! When updating your location, a line is draw between all previous locations so you remember where you were and other cyclists know where your went so far!

You can now add links to your profile separated by commas. Add you own blog or social pages!

Few bugs have been fixed too about geolocation, the marker shown on the map was not the last one.

When editing your profile, if you select you are touring, you can now indicate which direction you are heading to so other cyclists know if you are going their way or not! Your marker will appear with a little arrow on the map.

March 2019

You can now select when editing your profiling what you are doing right now (bike touring, having a break off the saddle, preparing for a tour, not on a tour) so people know a bit more about you. This feature change your marker on the map.

Menu has been changed. Using a main menu and tabs was confusing for some of you. Bye bye tabs, only a main and simple menu to navigate!

When you sign in, your profil go to the top of the list so active people are more visible

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  1. When updating the profile and there is a problem on saving, please make sure entered values for all fields are still there, not just the text fields. I understand the others are dropdowns and browsed photos, but it is doable.

    Now first my background photo apparently didnโ€™t have the right dimensions, so I had to re-enter all information. Then it still failed because I needed to enter some text so I needed to do it over again…

    Not a big deal, but UX is everything these days. Thanks.


  2. After zooming in on a map to a certain area, then viewing a profile and then returning to the map, it would be great it would still be in the same position and zoom level, so it is easier to continue exploring.

  3. When opening the website, profile and map are shown. Taking into account this website is for finding others on the road, it would be logical to use the userโ€™s location as default for showing the map. Now it shows me Africa…

  4. Hi, Great app and good potential.
    After logging in I’m not in the center of my world ๐Ÿ™‚ You know my location and it would be pleasant when the map shows me in the middle and the possible contacts around in a convenient zoom level.

  5. Hi:
    Iโ€™m not on a tour & just in beginning stages of planning a youโ€™d; probably for Summer 2020. It would be great to have s feature; maybe accomplished by a separate map or maybe just a blog page where people could search for potential riding partners by area (country & region) and dates.

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