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Try the service for FREE and then choose to switch to Time Life Plan if needed!

Even with a free account, you get access to the full service, but only for one month. If you need more, you can switch to the Life Time Plan later so you help me developping new features and host the service (pay for the server, the domain name...) and much more! We Are Touring is not a company ! Read more about who developed wearetouring.org here)

30 days

  • Same as Life Time Plan but for only 30 days. Try it for free and then switch to Life Time Plan if needed.
Try for free!
Life time (pay only once!)

  • Interactive cyclists world map
  • Cyclists list sorted by activities (on the road, preparing a trip...)
  • Easy location update system (using browser API)
  • Secured web service through https protocol
  • Private messages
  • Custom profil
  • Heading direction information & path
  • Email notification
  • More...